About the Artist.

Kat D Hendrickson is a Columbus Ohio-based artist, originally from Belpre Ohio. She is best known for her vibrant paintings, charcoals, printmaking and collage work within her art brand SilentStagePunk Art. Her artwork is inspired by street art, life experiences, dreams and music. Kat creates truly captivating and memorable art for bands and clients. 

Since childhood, she has been creating art and drawing inspiration from her life experiences. She is also a dedicated elementary art teacher. She is always striving to inspire and motivate people. With an ever-evolving style, Kat continues to create captivating art, pushing boundaries and inspiring others with her creativity. 

Contact Me:

Email: silentstagepunkart@gmail.com

Instagram: @silentstagepunkart


To Purchase Art:

Silentstagepunk - Etsy